About Fondue and a sleigh ride

17. Februar 2012

It would have been every polar bears dream, comming with us for Fondue and sledding on 3rd of February 2012 – we however would have preferred rather little warmer temperatures. The thermometer indicated incredible -22°C, when we met after end of workday on the Riggisalp for eating a Fondue and going for a sleigh ride.

Equipped with thermal laundry and several layers of warm clothes, we defied icy cold weather and dared ourselves into pleasure. In a tipi we eat a delicious Fondue and it was not only the white wine which was in demand. With the hot served tea, everyone tried to help itself to a little extra warmth. Strengthened and warmed up like this, we could tackle the sleigh ride. Obviously the rapid trip(s) was much of fun for everybody. With season-fair warm beverages at the snow bar we then let the evening end cozily.