Learning is like rowing upstream – as soon as you stops you drop back.

PageUp AG

PageUp AG has been providing IT services in the area of ​​infrastructure and networks since 1999. It offers its customers a comprehensive service package, which ranges from strategy consulting to the operation of implemented solutions. 45 employees work every day to provide our customers with smooth IT.

Some important services at a glance:

  • Infrastructure projects in the area of ​​client management and system management
  • Managed Services, for the operation of your standardized client / server infrastructure
  • Cloud solutions with Swiss data storage as Infrastructure as a Service or
  • Platform as a Service
  • Public cloud projects including the operation of public cloud services
  • Plannable and inexpensive migrations
  • standardized engineering, service & contract management

Despite technology and technology, the focus is on people - at PageUp AG people work for people. You benefit in particular from our flexibility, reliability and Swissness.

Vision and Ambition

PageUp AG set the goal of providing and operating optimal IT infrastructure solutions to its customers. We exclusively deploy premium leading edge products, which are under continuous development by the manufacturer.

"Learning is like rowing upstream – as soon as you stop you drop back."
[Benjamin Britten, English composer, 11/22/1913 - 12/04/1976]

Faithfully following this slogan, we are conscious of the constant change in the world of IT and our aim is to always work with the newest technologies and to recess our knowledge of it.

With our customers we cultivate a longterm based cooperative and trusted relationship. Owing the concentration on our core business, we have a deep knowledge and vast experience which creates optimal consulting and support to our customers.

PageUp AG is able to respond to an individual customer’s requirement and to develop custom-made solutions under a mutual dialogue.

ISO Certification

Since 10 September 2008 PageUp AG is certified by standards of ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018. It is the effort of constant improvement of our sequences of operations and processes standing behind it.

By setting a process orientated to quality management and the appropriate documentation, we defined standards how individual events have to take place. During a continuous process, the system is to lead an improvement of the guidance, the management and the provided services. So not only PageUp AG, but also our requirement for quality remains in constant motion.

ISO 9001

PageUp AG is working with a process-orientated quality management system, based on ISO 9001.

With the increased transparency within our company, complex sequences of operations can be optimized, easier to control and as a result are more efficient. Utilizing fully the expertise and experience of our employees to the advantage of PageUp AG. Due to this we are able to recognize and fulfill momentary and future requirements of our customers.

ISO/IEC 20000

All operating services of PageUp AG were additionally audited and certified by SQS in accordance with IT service management ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018.

The operation of customer infrastructures is guaranteed with ISO 20000 (IT service management), ITIL and defined customer Service Level Agreements.


Our knowledge is not distributed on countless manufacturers and products, but focuses instead on priorities which we have set ourselves. In these fields we aim to belong to the absolute top. That’s the only way that we can provide you with customized solutions and implementations that give you added value. In order to react proactively to the challenges you approach us with, we meet them with endeavor neutrality: solution-orientation combined with unconditional taking account of customer needs, is an important component of our companies recipes for success. In the following you will find an excerpt from our list of certifications and partnerships:

Apprenticing company

The PageUp AG offers the entrance in the occupational world to young people. For many years the PageUp AG trains youngsters as an information scientist / information scientist in the field System technology. With it we perceive a social responsibility, because who wants to count on competent employees, should also serve to offer suitable possibilities to the younger generation.