CLEVER Services

CLEVER Services

Überblick unsere IT Projektleistungen und IT Betriebsservices.

Whether for infrastructure, Cloud services or IT-outsourcing – we are your partner for future-orientated platforms and models! We realize economic solutions with outstanding performance/price relationship and are the right service partner to maximize todays ICT infrastructures. Ranging from IT consulting to entire operations of the IT infrastructure, our services are needs-oriented and matched to the specific demands.

IT Consulting

Our customers obtain a comprehensive and product-independent consulting for the integration, maintenance and deployment of infrastructure projects. With consideration of architecture, economy, human resources and technical possibilities we compile proposals for solutions. Ideally you should contact us at an early stage of your project planning.

strategy consulting

Today’s companies stand under enormous pressure due to the financial means, including investments for IT infrastructure. It affects all, from the data processing center up to personal place of employment. PageUp AG can assist companies to develop a suitable strategy for IT environments in order to avoid bad investments and keep a high-level value.

In a close dialogue with the IT responsible persons and the management we develop a strategy to give answers to the following central questions.


The requirements in terms of the IT within a company are constantly changing. New technologies are more efficient and simplify communication. Enticing possibilities can create uncontrolled expansion in the IT environment and lead to compatibility and support difficulties. PageUp AG can compile custom-made concepts for the use of IT means. Thereby we do not regard your company in a momentary state but with careful consideration and understanding. By working out a concept, we also support your business development and integrate trends of computer science technologies.

To develop a wise conception for intelligent IT solutions, PageUp AG is your ideal partner.


To plan the integration of a new system into a technically complex environment, an extensive catalog of questions must be carried out. With a Proof of Concept, PageUp AG provides a technical feasibility study, which already attends to possible problems (for example with the integration of new technologies into existing environments) before we even start a project. It presents a minimizing of risk and will assist the decision-making process.

A Proof of Concept can achieve clearly defined requirements, expectations and project extents for the integration of new systems, methods or processes. The outcome of this is a common expectation of a designed architecture, defined requirements as well as concrete specification sheets for the realization.


PageUp AG is not only your ideal partner if you think about planning and conception in your IT infrastructure – we also realize your IT projects to become more than just a vision. You do not only profit from the employment of a project manager, but also of the broad specialized knowledge, which our technical specialists exchange regularly, in order to bring each project to a successful conclusion.


During an IT project, PageUp AG takes on several tasks and responsibilities. Between kick-off and conclusion a project passes through various phases. Each particular phase is coordinated and super-vised by a project manager, so all projects find a successful conclusion.

A project manager provides a date and completion according to the contract of orders. Hereby the coordination of the installation works on existing and new systems, data transfer from previous IT systems, configuration and distribution of the systems belong also in the range of tasks:

  • Scheduling
  • Project organization
  • Planning and coordination of internal and external section
  • Progress controling
  • Definition terms of delivery and operation
  • Quality control
  • Control of the contract requierd performance
  • Project accounting and cost control

Project methods


[Microsoft System Center Operation Manager, Paessler PRTG, HP Insight Manager]

To promptly recognize an occurred or threatening error within an IT infrastructure, PageUp AG uses instruments for the permanent monitoring of server systems, network components, printers or even client systems. For ensuring the individual requirements of each customer, we already take attention to these during the realization of such projects. Starting by defining standard limits for the alert we continue refining and customizing these for your individual system. Even the parameters mentioned in the monthly report for the IT responsible person can be likewise defined.


[Forefront Family, TMG/UAG, BitLocker, TrendMicro]

An increasingly mobile world is also changing the requirements to the job. Today it is no longer an exception for employees to tele-work from home with full access to the server system of the company or to do tasks on their smart cell phone. However these possibilities initiate special demands to the security of your IT infrastructure.

PageUp AG offers comprehensive Security Solutions based on homogeneously ideas. From fundamental firewalls and anti-virus/anti-spam solutions, over the external access by VPN or Direct Access, up to the coding of mails, files and disks. We not only offer competency in consulting for security solutions, PageUp AG has long-time experience and deep understanding of security projects. Please contact us for a discuss this – we are well versed in IT security.


[ESX, HyperV, VMWare, AppV, MED-V]

It usually is the same challenge for small- and mid-size companies as for a large companies. If it has to become matched to the increased of need of new IT features, -functions and -services. Particularly in a business environment, pure data-performance is no longer the only focus. Costs and effort for installation and administration of a solution become more and more relevant as well. Virtualization of one or more physical systems can be a good opportunity.

Virtualization of server systems can increase the efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications and reduce the expenditure for administration and maintaining at the same time. PageUp AG assists you by planning and implementing of virtualization projects. Set on our know-how, in order to profit from the advantage of new technologies.

  • Reduction of IT costs
  • Increased availability of virtual computing centers
  • Improves administration of virtual computing centers
  • Improvement with the performance as well as the harware support of virtual machines
  • Improvement of the virtual network performance
  • Simplified methods for supply physical and virtual computers


mX is the service product of PageUp AG for operation client and server infrastructures. Based on this operation-model, PageUp AG successfully operates standardised and automated IT infrastructures already  for years. Thereby the key of success are our operation-processes according to ISO 20000 (IT service management) as well as defined workflows, which are the basics for all sequences of operations at service providing. In addition there are the employees of PageUp AG, which are working daily with enthusiasm and commitment, in order to find solutions and provide a smooth operation.

Today with mX, PageUp AG is managing about 3'000 client systems and is monitoring actively 350 servers all over Switzerland (inclusive South Germany). Annually our employees solve and attend around 6'000 incidents, which are announced by telephone, e-mail or via ticketing system. Thereby the lineup of such announcements can reach from a simple Word problem of a single user, up to technical errors of server systems, by which an entire company can be affected. In addition there are 1'5000 IMAC orders on an average, which have to be fulfilled. All these incidents and IMAC orders are initiated by end-users and/or IT responsible persons of the customer and are announced and authorized actively. Additionally around 1'000 maintenance tickets are yearly issued, generated automatically from the permanent server monitoring.

People working in the Servicedesk of PageUp AG are exclusively specialists.

mX-customers have a competent and efficient partner at their side. To ascertain whether mX could also be an economical solution for your company and which possibilities could be offered during realization, please do not hesitate to contact PageUp AG. We can certainly provide you with our professional advice.

Allow mX also to convince you.


Within the framework of mXclient we guarantee to smoothly operate the IT infrastructure of your company. We define a custom-made standard-workplace for your company and provide all basic services (file, mail, print) automatically for each user.

Further, PageUp AG attends to all services, which run in the background of a productive operating.

your advantages

  • Operation of client systems (end-user)
  • Operation and monitoring of office automation server systems (file, mail, print)
  • Remote and on-site support
  • Automatic software dispatching
  • Standard type workflows (IMAC/D)
  • Reporting in accordance with defined service catalog (SLA)


Server Operation

PageUp AG attends to all services of office automation servers, which run in the background of a productive operating. We care for an error-free backup of your data, supply server systems with periodical patches and control security guidelines to be kept and held on current conditions. Thereby, we monitor proactively all systems to react when an incident immediately and systematically.

The following services are included in mXserver:

  • Operation of office automation server systems (file, mail, print)
  • Monitoring of server and Network
  • Patchmanagement for office automation server
  • Reporting in accordance with defined service catalog (SLA)

Beside the general office automation servers (file, mail, print), PageUp AG also operates customized application servers (SAP, SQL, Navision etc.). Thereby we guarantee for the basic-operation of hardware and the Microsoft operation system. In this way your specialists on the applications are relieved of these tasks and can focus on their core business.

your advantages

  • professional IT-Management
  • access to our specialist (MCSE)
  • high availability of your IT-infrastructur
  • a strong partner at your side



A well running network is basic for all mX-services. PageUp AG is operating this most important element of your IT infrastructure and makes additional services available.

  • WAN/LAN services
  • VPN services
  • Firewall Proxy services

Within network operations we also cooperate with long-term partner comapnies when required.


With mXfinance PageUp AG offers the possibility of dividing the investment costs for your IT infrastructure over its life cycle. Components which are financed in this way are handled by PageUp AG for the accounting by Asset Management and declared in a monthly report. The accounting of the defined rates takes place as a component of the monthly operating costs.

your advantages

  • No project costs
  • constant service fees for a fixed defined term

private cloud services

The draught of the supply of different services in the Cloud has basically proved itself during the past years, nevertheless, it brings some advantages for you as a customer with itself. Indeed, many still shrink back to have protected her data "somewhere" on the Internet. Within the scope of mXcloud, the PageUp AG has built up a professional computing center here in Bern in which we make available our new on-line services. Use the advantages of very modern and highly competitive surroundings in our Datacenter. 

your advantage

  • maximum security of her servers and service thanks to a professional computer centre (sluice company, diesel emergency power supply, fire extinguishing system, climate …)
  • Geo-redundant data backup solution
  • high availability of your servers thanks to highly efficient redundant Host infrastructures on the basis of Microsoft azure.
  • seemless integration in her existing IT infrastructure (Fixed IP address, VPN, vLAN and full azure consoles access)
  • Optimum and economic resource use of the IT infrastructure
  • no investments in own server infrastructure – diminished place need and power demand
  • more flexibility and shorter times with the touch-down of new server systems


Your company location is connected with a dedicated line or a VPN link with our Datacenter in Bern. About this management the regular backup occurs during clearly agreed times (Overnight). Yourr data is protected with us as an image and all data which were extinguished by users falsely or were changed can be restored during the term agreed in the contract (normally 30 or 90 days). The Restorefall can occur from computer centre or be delivered with services commenting on contemporary issues directly by means of mobile data carrier to you.

your advantage

  • maximum security for your commercial data thanks to geographically separate backup
  • high availability of your commercial data by highly efficient backup servers
  • no investments in own backup infrastructure
  • full-extensive restoration of your commercial data
  • only changed data will transfer into the computer centre to Bern
  • permanent supervision and personal Support by our employees
  • independent of the already installed operating system

Plus to our traditional achievements in the area of Server company, we offer you the possibility to pursue your servers as a virtual machine in our Datacenter. Besides, you not only profit from a high availability of the service separate your data know constantly supervised. This can be used to recognise appearing system-problems early so they can be clarified.

your advantage

  • maximum security for your servers thanks to a professional computer centre
  • high availability of your servers thanks to highly efficient, redundant Host infrastructure
  • optimum resource use and economic use of the IT infrastructure
  • no investments in own server infrastructure – diminished place need and power demand
  • more flexibility and shorter times with the touch-down of new server systems
  • permanent supervision and operation by our employees

This is a professional mail solution, based on highly competitive Exchange surroundings which we pursue in the Datacenter in Bern.

your advantages

  • big post office boxes with 25 GB of storage space per mail box
  • release adaptable cooperation with features like calendar or administer groups
  • comprehensive protection from Spam and malicious softwares
  • mobile access to your e-mail data
  • full integration in Outlook versions
  • optionally: Archiving your mail data

public cloud services


With Office 365 we offer several additional online services to the mXclient model. Office 365 is the cloud inivation from Microsoft and contains services and functions, which were available only for companies with an own server infrastructure. Now it's you deciding where and with which partner services of Exchange, SharePoint and Online Collaboratin shall be provided an maintained.

PageUp AG integrates and combines classical scenarios whit the cloud services from Microsoft. Like that you have a benefit from an attractive and complementary bund of services.

We offer the following cloud services:

  • Office applications in a renting model
  • Exchange Online for complete functions of Outlook Anywhere
  • Sharepoint Online for collaboration and shared access to all business informations
  • Lync Online for Instant Messaging and Presence Service